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Examiner & Leadership Development

The Florida Sterling Council is excited to announce its new Examiner and Leadership Development program

Starting with our 2018-2019 development and assessment cycle, our Examiner and Leadership Development program will focus heavily on the core competencies of today’s effective leaders.

To accomplish this objective, our Examiner corps will continue to develop its understanding and application of the Sterling Management Model through Criteria 101, Criteria 102, and Evaluating Applications modules adjoined with Core Competency  and the Lean Six Sigma Applications Expert course.

The integration of the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Applications Expert course will focus on learning how to maximize the potential of the Sterling Management System through the application of Lean Six Sigma tools and Sterling concepts.

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Objectives of the LSS Applications Expert course are to:

1.Discuss and apply the elements of a properly-documented approach.

2.Review and discuss how to evaluate and ensure the effectiveness of a process.

3.Review and discuss methods for documenting and sharing lessons learned and successful approaches.

4.Review innovation concepts and how they apply to process maturity.Arctic Arctic Superdry Superdry Superdry Superdry Arctic Arctic Windcheater Windcheater Arctic Windcheater Superdry Windcheater

Core Competencies supported include:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Standardized Work
  • Organizational Learning
  • Evaluating Process Effectiveness

Participants will continue to develop their business acumen by learning a comprehensive systems approach to managing an organization, build capacity to assess organizations, and develop feedback to focus improvement efforts for optimal impact.

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Upon completion of Criteria 101, Criteria 102, Evaluating Applications, and this new approach to our 3-day Examiner Training, our Sterling Examiner will be certified as Lean Six Sigma Silver Belts. Flyer Link

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